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"Bill Camp's Famous Flying Dogs" are fed a raw natural diet.
We began looking for the ultimate diet 8 years ago. Satin, a 70 lb. German Shepherd Dog (Bill's first Frisbee dog) was 12 years old. She was starting to show her age and we knew she probably wouldn't be around much longer. Well, Satin lived to be 14 years, 8 months and 3 days old. She passed away on August 18, 1998 of old age. She died peacefully at home. I truly believe that without THE change we made in her diet that she would have been gone long before this. She ate raw meaty bones right up until the end, though I did have to grind them(mainly turkey necks)the last couple of months. I'm sure genetics play a big part in longevity, but I believe nutrition plays an equal, if not bigger, part.

We feed a variety of raw meaty bones (RMB). Turkey necks, chicken necks, backs and leg quarters & pork necks. About 85% of their diet is raw meaty bones. We feed raw liver about 4 times a month and they receive an egg with crushed shell about 4 times a week.

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As far as bacteria goes, I would have to say a healthy dog actually thrives on it. Notice, I said "a healthy dog". A healthy dog is one that eats bones and raw food. Chances are, a dog fed only commercial food is not really healthy. We do rescue work and I've been switching the dogs right on to BARF with no problems. Unless the dog is really old or immune compromised I can't see that there would be any problem. In my experience the dogs seem to take right to this diet. A dog or cat's digestive tract is much shorter than ours and the meat and bone just pass right through without causing any problems. Some people may want to go slower though, every dog is different.
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Some people are concerned with bones causing a blockage. Well, carnivores (dogs and cats) have some pretty powerful stomach acids. Just remember, NEVER FEED COOKED BONES! Cooked bones can splinter and cause terrible damage to a dog.

I feel the best advice that I can give anyone considering a raw diet for their dog or cat, (and, by the way, America's Best Frisbee Dogs has 4 cats who love this diet) is to read, research and then use common sense.

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